Couch Potatoes

I want the couch
to sit on the potatoes,
mashing them in a spin of springs
and soft things that bake
hard in the oven of imagination

Blend and fry, chop and
cut away the fat
that sticks to the bone
and kills our anguished hearts
with sedentary thinking

A constipation growing,
a river crammed with snags and offal
an ungrateful world’s garbage
that we are too lazy to clean

I want the couch
to dust its hands
and slam the paint chipped door
that hangs
a Christmas wreath in June

Roll bow and all
down the the hill collecting
cans of soup
to feed bare foot children
wandering heaving sidewalks at dusk
knowing it will never set enough tables,
but tumbling ’til the last needle falls off


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  1. Your picture is worth a thousand words.


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