Spring Cleaning

Occasionally a series of events mesh together like the cogs of a well oiled machine purring quietly in the belly of the writing factory. In January 2019 I wrote “Spring Cleaning” after reviewing some of the last emails my mother, Joan Ramseyer, sent me before her death in 2015.

The Olive Press picked the braided essay for publication only a few days after my submission in the spring (one of the fastest acceptance requests I have ever received). I withdrew it from the other literary journals to which I submitted and basked in the summer sun knowing I would have a new publication landing in my favorite season, but it was a precipitous fall. The Olive Press lost their funding by August and could not publish my homage to mother.

Then I returned to my good friends at Montana Mouthful looking for submissions around their “schooling” theme. They planned to release the issue on September 23, my Mom’s birthday and the release date of the Joan Ramseyer Memorial Poetry Contest winners and anthology. I did not feel the need to submit elsewhere. I could imagine the spinning teeth interlocking with perfect precision. While they delayed a few days from their original goal, my mind saw the vision that arrived today…

Click Montana Mouthful to read my latest essay “Spring Cleaning” on page 22.

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