2 Pictures Must Be Worth 2,000 Words

Today my friends at Montana Mouthful found it in their hearts or perhaps their eyes to publish my work again. This time they did not choose my words, but my photography in their latest May issue “The Great Outdoors.” My two photographs appear on page 21 (“Reaching Out – Bozeman, Montana”) and (“Kailua Skim Kid”) on page 64 of their latest magazine.

I cannot share those photos in this blog due to my agreement for their sole first publication rights, but I did include some representative photos taken on the same days in the same locations.

I cannot say that I feel the same pride publishing photography that I do when I publish prose. While I did take considerable time in composing the shots you see here and the photos chosen for publication, it did not take near the work that a simple essay would require. When writing, I am a smith hammering a jumble of black and white into finely wrought existence. I play the creator. With photography, I am only a “transparent eyeball” observing the creation. I did not place the sun, just so behind the tree or spread its needles to the air. I simply waited there until all aligned in beauty to the tangent of my sight.

2019 Bozeman, Montana – the setting sun gilded the foothills north of town.
2015 Kailua – The Big Island Hawaii – before a minuscule triangle of beach disappeared in the afternoon tide, I caught this young boy in action.

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